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I Am Back!

Things have been running very smoothly since I’ve been back.  I finished my first acting contract with Climb Theatre about 2 weeks ago and I grew so much in that 8 months!

I then took a small vacation to visit close ones and to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Sigma Kappa at the Gamma Kappa chapter at SIU in Carbondale.  I met wonderful fellow alumnae from way back and heard awesome stories!

Today, I start my first day of “Improv for Actors – Full Program” at Second City and I’m also booked as a “Japanese Clubber” in the background for The Onion. Tomorrow, I am booked as a “Pedestrian w/ Auto” in the background for Chicago PD!

Lastly, on Friday, I’ll start training for my new evening job (gotta keep the days open for auditions, hehe) at the awesome indoor waterpark resort, Key Lime Cove.

I’m so grateful and thankful for all the opportunities to keep me busy and, what’s most important of all, HAPPY!  Hugs and smiles to all of you. :)


My Interview for Newswatch 12 in Minocqua, WI

Thanks to my fellow actor and teammate, Justin, I got to be interviewed for Newswatch 12 and made it on tv!  October is Bullying Prevention Month and because the majority of our plays consist of bullying prevention, this was very important and special.

Oh, and have a safe and happy Halloween! :)

We’re In The News!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post; I’ve been very busy with my performing team as we’ve been traveling to schools throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin so far! :)  Seeing so many children and teachers thank us for the educational experience through theater and the arts has been so fulfilling and exciting!

Aside from acting, each person within my performing team has an additional job; one of my fellow actors, Justin, is our media liaison and has been in charge of always trying to bring media to our performances at each school!  He’s already gotten us in the news a numerous amount of times.  Thank you, Justin!  Here’s the most recent article from our visit to Prairie Elementary in Worthington, MN.  Wahoo! :)

CLIMB Theatre Visits Prairie Elementary

My First Week at Climb Theatre!

My first week at Climb Theatre was welcoming and filled with training, rehearsal, and costume fittings!  As traveling actors for this company, we are more than just actors; we will be well-rounded actors.  We will be our own crew, our own sound operator, and our own drivers!  Although we have more responsibilities than just acting, it’s great to continue to add on more knowledge and skills of the additional work that goes into productions.  Most importantly, it’s been SO nice to be surrounded by artists and fellow actors once again! :)  I am so grateful and blessed for this new adventure.