I’m a girl that’s always been one to live a life full of passion and happiness while staying as optimistic as I can through any experience that life has to offer. After all, every experience has an opportunity to learn and grow, so why not take advantage of that and continue to evolve?

    On the path of maintaining a happy and passionate life, I’ve discovered that acting is a large part of that for me. I’ve always learned most life lessons through stories, mostly from watching tv shows and movies. These stories also gave me the opportunity to be more open-minded by learning why a person is the way they are without the initial judgement of what society would deem as appropriate.  This led me to realize what I admire most about acting: it is the learning opportunity it gives to the audience (and even to the actor). It is the ability to affect people’s views and to challenge their initial thoughts. It is the opportunity to be able to understand people better and to be more open-minded, especially towards those that are different than us.

    During my down time, I love to lounge, watch tv shows, play video games, craft, and spend time with my dog, Yoshi.

    I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and have taken a few programs in New York City as well as Chicago.  My most recently completed class was a voice-over class; I would love to do some work for video games and animation in the future. Thanks for stopping by! :)